Graduate Program in Animal Science

The Graduate Program in Animal Science (PGA) at UENF has begun in 1997 at both Master and Doctorate levels. Scientists that work on Animal Reproduction, Animal Health, and Animal Science have joined to create an interdisciplinary team by gathering expertise and efforts to perform high-level research and education in Animal Science. The Program is headquartered at Northern Rio de Janeiro State and operates within a tuition free, public institution maintained by taxpayers to award both Master and Doctorate degrees based on production of original research in Animal Science and Related fields. Historically, the governmental agencies FAPERJ, CAPES, and CNPq have been providing scholarships for our graduate students and grants for our advisors.

We aim to provide high-level education and training while maintaining advanced studies to find solutions from basic and applied sciences that, ultimately, provide the means for achieving the sustainable development of our society and for the progress of Animal Science. The animal sciences support agricultural activities on all facets of production, reproduction, and health of both domestic and wild animals as an essential part of human action, and as such, demand the training of qualified personnel and production of scientific knowledge for that goal.